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European Comic Schools Contest 2018

Organised by the company Celsys, this competition is aimed at students of art schools in Europe who teach comics, manga, digital arts and illustration making.

Each school and its students can participate to compare their projects and win numerous prizes.

Each project will be judged by the readers and then by the Mangaka Ken Niimura and the Mangaka and Japanese painter Yoshiyasu Tamura.

Registration and publication of projects : 31 January to Thursday 10 May
Public and jury votes : 11 May to Sunday 10 June
Results : End of June

The contest is now closed
Below, the results of the finalists in the 2 categories selected by the partners and jury

Category One Shots

Category Illustrations

Jury's comments


The art is very good. I like that this artist drew from lots of different angles。 However, the composition is haphazard at times, particularly the orientation of the characters, which makes it a little hard to read. I think if this artist studied the classic principles of camerawork in film-making such as the 180-degree rule, then the composition would improve a lot. The personalities of the characters is also a little weak, particularly the main character. It’s not clear why he fights with the other character, which weakens the impact at the end. If the reason for the fight and its resolution was included, this comic would be even better. (Yoshiyasu Tamura)


The story flows really well from beginning to end. I was won over the characters, who are interestingly written, and very alive thanks to their expressiveness. (Ken Niimura)


The exchanges through social media and in conversation create a sense of foreshadowing and the story has quite a fast pace, but it still leads to the conclusion in a satisfying and natural way. The artist excellently capturing the unwavering trust between the main character and the robot. (CELSYS)


We were moved by this unexpected setting. The art is very good, especially the main character, which stands out against the cherry blossoms despite the muted color scheme. The illustration as a whole has a lot of careful details that really make it feel like a Japanese grave. (CELSYS)


The way the eye is led around the page is really excellent. Although there are a lot of characters, the tree in the background naturally leads the eye to the characters below. The characters are diverse and distinct with a lot of variation. This is the kind of quality that you could use for the cover of a comic or illustrated book. It feels like you could create a story just from this illustration. (Yoshiyasu Tamura)


The symmetrical composition is very pleasing to look at. There’s a good contrast not only with the colors but also with the different elements of the painting. They really captured the different essences of light and dark. We certainly want these two characters to become good friends. (CELSYS)

The competition is divided into 2 categories : One shots and Illustrations.

Each category has its own selection and winners.
The same participant may compete for both but may only win one.

Theme : "Buddies" for both categories
One shot (Manga / Comic) : Color or black and white from 8 to 16 pages, cover included
Illustration : Original color work
Style : Free (The manga style is not imposed)
Tools : Free (Traditional or digital as desired). Clip Studio Paint Ex 6-month version is available for all applicants for free : https://jp.surveymonkey.com/r/comiccontest
Dimensions : Minimum width of 800px required for Mangadraft online betting
Read direction : No obligation - optional
General public : Your project must be adapted to an audience of all ages
Language : No language requirement for projects - If you want to add several languages, create a different volume for each one.
Other : An avatar of 600 x 600px will have to be added for your project file. You can crop a page of your project to put it as an avatar instead of creating one specifically.

How to participate?

One of your school teacher must send the necessary information from your school to the administrative secretariat of the contest at this address: frederic@toutlemondeprod.com. You will need to mention the following information :
  • Country name
  • Name of school
  • Name of teacher in charge
  • School e-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • School website URL
And as subject of the mail: "European comic schools contest" Registration

The administrative secretariat will answer to your teacher by e-mail when the profile of your school is created and completed.

This mail will explain the procedure to publish on Mangadraft the works by the students.
In order to submit artwork on Mangadraft for the contest, every student will have to register on mangadraft.com and indicate the school number provided by the teacher in charge.

Details and conditions

This is a contest for students enrolled in art schools of European countries, at which comics, digital art and illustration are being taught. A registration for participating schools by a school teacher is necessary.

Entries must be original works suitable for all ages.

Multiple works may be submitted by one person.

Works that have been presented in other commercial magazines or winning works of other contests are not eligible. We also ask, that submitted works to this contest are not simultaneously entered into other contests.

Minors need to apply with the consent of their parent or guardian.

Winning works may be used for promotional purposes by CELSYS,Inc. and other sponsors.

Winning works will be requested as original high-resolution data. (In the case of traditional media, scanned images must be 350dpi or higher)

Submitted works may be translated into different languages ​​for presentation in other country.

The following works may not be submitted. If application with the stated content is submitted, it will not be subject to review.
  • Entries that violate the privacy of others.
  • Entries that violate the copyrights of any third party.
  • Entries that are contrary to public order and morals.
  • In addition, the decision to exclude entries from the contest may be made at the judgment of the organizer during review. Inquiries regarding such exclusion of works will not be answered.
For winners, to receive their prizes and prize money, please provide the information below : Name, bank account, address, phone number and E-mail address. The information provided will be handled according to the organizer's privacy policy (Celsys).

Winner's Prizes - Category One shot

1 000 € (Euros) Comic & Illustration Software "Clip Studio Paint EX" Tablet Wacom Intuos Pro (Paper Edition)
1 000 € (Euros) Comic & Illustration Software "Clip Studio Paint EX" Tablet Wacom Intuos Pro (Paper Edition)
1 000 € (Euros) Comic & Illustration Software "Clip Studio Paint EX" Tablet Wacom Intuos Pro (Paper Edition)

Winner's Prizes - Category Illustration

200 € (Euros) Illustration Software "Clip Studio Paint PRO" Tablet Wacom Intuos Pro (Paper edition)
200 € (Euros) Illustration Software "Clip Studio Paint PRO" Tablet Wacom Intuos Pro (Paper edition)
200 € (Euros) Illustration Software "Clip Studio Paint PRO" Tablet Wacom Intuos Pro (Paper edition)

Selection of winners

For each category of the competition, a first selection will be made by the public where each reader will be able to vote for the projects they prefer. These votes will allow a first ranking to emerge.

Then there will be the votes of the jury where each member will choose his top 3 and will allow to bring out the final winners of the 2 categories.

The jury is composed of mangaka Ken Niimura and Japanese painter and mangaka Yoshiyasu Tamura.

Ken Niimura

Cartoonist and illustrator. His graphic novel “I Kill Giants” was adapted into a live action feature film in 2017.

Yoshiyasu Tamura

Manga artist, illustrator, painter. Holds worldwide exhibitions, and illustration/manga workshops at events and schools.
Photo by marfa-vasilieva.com

Partners and sponsors


Participating schools

EIMA - France

Human Academy Europe - France

Eurasiam - France

Académie Brassart Delcourt - France

Axe Sud Marseille - France

Émile Cohl, l'Association - France

L'iconograf - France

AAA Section manga - France

Estienne, Paris - France

Toulouse Manga - France

Ecole Georges Méliès - France

Université de Picardie Jules Verne - France

Semper Schulen - Germany

Rhein-Sieg-Akademie für Realistische Bildende Kunst und Design (RSAK) - Germany

deutsche meisterschule für mode/designschule münchen - Germany

Kunsthochschule Kassel - Germany

Varndean college - England

Cambridge School of Art - England

Escola JOSO - Spain

ESDIP, Escuela Superior de Dibujo Profesional - Spain

Metropolis - Spain

O garaxe hermetico - Spain

TS Comic Academy El Provencio - Spain

Escuela de Arte de Zaragoza - Spain

Río Creative Art Center Escuela de Arte - Spain

Escola d'Art de Manresa - Spain

Escola JOSO Sabadell - Spain

Lucca Manga School - Italy

Lucca Manga Academy - Italy

Accademia Europea di Manga - Italy

Scuola Internazionale di Comics Roma - Italy

Scuola del Fumetto Palermo - Italy

Scuola Internazionale di Comics Napoli - Italy

Scuola Internazionale di Comics Torino - Italy

Scuola Internazionale di Comics Padova - Italy

Scuola Internazionale di Comics Reggio Emilia - Italy

Dali Arts - Italy

Scuola d Arte Andrea Fantoni - Italy

Manga School of Venice - Italy

Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa - Portugal

Escola Artística António Arroio - Portugal

Escola Profissional Amar Terra Verde - Portugal

EPAC - Switzerland

Académie des Arts Créatifs - Switzerland

Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow - Poland

Zespół Szkół Plastycznych im. Jacka Malczewskiego w Częstochowie - Poland

Audio Visual Arts Department, Ionian University - Greece

The Design Workshop - Greece

Liminka school of arts - Finland

School for applied art and design Osijek - Croatia

For any questions, contact frederic@toutlemondeprod.com